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Thumpy Classic (flute)


Thumpy Classic - Olive


Thumpy Classic - Plum

  • Thumpy Classic
  • Thumpy Classic
  • Thumpy Classic
  • Thumpy Classic
The Thumpy Classic is a high-quality Thumpy model, suitable for the advanced flutist, the flute-teacher or any flute loving amateur. The Thumpy Classic - which has a delicate sound - is fully handmade out of a beautiful hardwood, either European plum-wood or south European olive-wood. The flute has been impregnated in a special oil. It comes with a protective luxury cover. Extensive information can be found at the Thumpy website. Whenever you have any further questions, feel free to contact with us at our Contact Page. By the way, we now have a clearance sale of the Thumpy Classic in Sandalwood, see it here.

Wood qualities (see photos):
- Plum (Prunus Domestica) is a dense hardwood with a very fine grain. Its colour is brown-violet. See more at Wikipedia.
- Olive (Olea Europaea) is a very hard wood, often figured with a beautiful curly and dynamic grain. Its colour is yellowish-brown with darker contrasting streaks. The colour tends to deepen with age. See more at Wikipedia.

Thumpy the thumb flute is a relatively simple instrument with a surprisingly beautiful and natural sound. It is a charming and exciting way to learn to flute and to develop a stable and flexible embouchure. Thumpy has lots of possibilities for improvisations, games in groups and music/flute introduction programs at schools. This new flute, tuned in F, has been designed and developed by Wil Offermans and is produced by Studio E Music Creation, Granada, Spain. The Thumpy flute comes in various models: the Thumpy Junior (Natural, Red, Blue or Yellow), the Thumpy Classic (Plum or Olive) and the Thumpy Classic Pro (Grenadilla). The Thumpy Book offers 75 progressive studies and pieces for the Thumpy flute.

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Thumpy Ordering: As a result of a high demand, we are currently low on our stock of Thumpy flutes. If you want to order Thumpy flutes while they are out of stock, please send us your message here telling us what you are interested in. We will then send you the the possible delivery time.

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