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Duo - a solo for (Contrabass) Flute and Stone (score)

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Duo - Score

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Duo - a solo for (Contrabass) Flute and Stone, is a composition by Wil Offermans as a reaction to the terror attacks in the US in 2001. A stone should be placed on the stage, like pretending an interacting duet.

From the score introduction text: "Acts of terror, how can we understand? In a search for an answer, we pray to the gods or turn ourselves towards the mysteries of nature. We feel the wind, touch the water, watch the starts and listen to the earth".

About the series Classics United by Zimmermann Frankfurt: "... With Classics United we want to take a stand against violence, terrorism, expulsion of ethnic groups and war...".


  • title: Duo
  • subtitle: a solo for (contrabass-) flute and stone
  • composer: Wil Offermans
  • publisher: Zimmermann, Germany
  • number: ZM34670
  • year: 2002
  • instruments: contrabass flute solo (or flute, alto flute or bass flute solo) and a stone.
  • duration: 7 minutes
  • language: introduction in German and English
  • score: 3 score pages
  • notes: published by Zimmermann as part of their series 'Classics United'



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Schott MusicIf you prefer so, an E-Score PDF download version of this score is available at the webshop of publisher Schott Music (website in EN/DE/FR) here:

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