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Round About 12.5 (LP)


Round About 12.5 - LP

  • Round About 12.5 (LP)
A solo LP by Wil Offermans as an audio-report of his world-wide flute performance Round About 12.5 in which he travelled solo during 1985-1986 for 7 month around the world visiting Egypt; Thailand, Indonesia; China; Japan; USA; Colombia and many more flute countries and cultures.

  1. Round About 12.5 (start of project)
  2. Travel Impression 1
  3. Saratoga Novitiate Winery, CA
  4. Round About 12.5 (end of project)
  5. Travel Impression 2


title: Round About 12.5
subtitle: an audio-report of a 7-month world-tour flute-project by Wil Offermans
category: LP by Wil Offermans
performer: Wil Offermans (flute, piccolo; okaricullo; nose flute & geng gong; suling gambuh, sound-scapes)
composer: Wil Offermans
publisher: Attacca Records, Amsterdam
producer: Sieuwert Verster
number: LP Babel 863
year: 1986
total time: 43 minutes
booklet: in Dutch and English
notes: the Round About 12.5 project was sponsored by: De IJsbreker, Amsterdam; Musica 85; Gaudeamus; Prins Bernhard Fund; Royal Tropical Institute; VPRO radio; The Hague Municipal Museum; City of Amsterdam; Corps de Garde; Vinke & Co; and Pentax Netherlands

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