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The Magic Flute

  • The Magic Flute
CD by Wil Offermans with a mixture of compositions for flute solo as well as flute ensemble.

  1. Honami* (solo)
  2. Sutralité (ensemble)
  3. Kotekan* (ensemble)
  4. Nasori (ensemble)
  5. Jungle Dance* (ensemble)
  6. Just A Short Version* (4-et)
  7. Thumb Flute Improvisation (Thumpy solo)
  8. Baume-les-Messieurs (duo)
* = compositions published by Zimmerman, Frankfurt (click the link)


title: The Magic Flute
subtitle: compositions for flute solo and flute ensemble
category: CD by Wil Offermans
performer: Wil Offermans: flutes, Thumpy, various percussion; flute ensemble The Magic Flute (#2, 3, 4, 6); Junko Ueda, vocals (#8)
composer: Wil Offermans
publisher: E-records, Amsterdam
number: CD712
year: 1997; re-released in 2011
total time: 63 minutes
booklet: 8 pages text in English and Japanese
notes: musicians of the flute ensemble The Magic Flute: Bart Schmittmann; Eva Schotanus; Gesa Wulfhorst; Manon Meijer; Maria Haasnoot; Mirjam van der Maas; Rene Meulenberg; Johan Mertens; and Wil Offermans


  1. Honami
  2. Sutralité
  3. Kotekan
  4. Nasori
  5. Jungle Dance
  6. Just a Short Version
  7. Thumpy Improvisation
  8. Baume-les-Messieurs

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The Magic Flute - CD


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