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Thumpy Classic Pro

  • Thumpy Classic Pro
The Thumpy Classic Pro is the top model in the Thumpy range, suitable for any professional flutist, flute-teacher or for any profound flute lover. Thumpy Classic Pro is fully handmade out of high-quality Grenadilla wood (also called African Blackwood), a precious dense hardwood producing a most rich and powerful sound. The flute has been impregnated in a special oil. It comes with a cotton cover.

the thumb flute is a relatively simple instrument with a surprisingly beautiful and natural sound. It is a charming and exciting way to learn to flute and to develop a stable and flexible embouchure. Thumpy has lots of possibilities for improvisations, games in groups and music/flute introduction programs at schools. This new flute, tuned in F, has been designed and developed by Wil Offermans and is produced by Studio E Music Creation, Granada, Spain. The Thumpy flute comes in various models: the Thumpy Junior (Natural, Red, Blue or Yellow), the Thumpy Classic (Sandelwood or Olive) and the Thumpy Classic Pro (Grenadilla).

The Thumpy flute is constructed out of a straight, cylindrical wooden pipe with an embouchure-hole near the middle of the pipe. The pitch can be controlled by covering the open endings with the thumbs (thumb-combinations left-right are: open-open; open-closed; closed-closed and closed-open). Extensive information can be found at the Thumpy website.
Thumpy Classic Pro

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Thumpy Classic Pro - Grenadilla


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