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For the Younger Flutist

  • For the Younger Flutist
  • For the Younger Flutist
  • For the Younger Flutist
  • For the Younger Flutist
  • For the Younger Flutist
  • For the Younger Flutist
For the Younger Flutist is a collection of 10 enjoyable contemporary 'game-pieces' for flute solo and flute ensemble with explanations by Wil Offermans.

From the introduction text: …It was my first intention to write a book for young flutists between about eight and fourteen years old… especially young flutists are masters in dealing with imagination, creativity and enjoyment. By a young and honest approach towards creating sound and by frankly interpreting your imagination one may perform contemporary techniques without realizing…. However, it turned out that flutists from any age were eagerly playing these pieces with great enthusiasm. Probably, anyone can be a ‘younger’ flutist! If your mind is young and if you like adventure and enjoyment, this book is there for you…

  1. The First Step
  2. Have Fun!
  3. The Joy Meter
  4. The Conductor
  5. Holes and Choices
  6. Wind Trio
  7. One Line Story
  8. The Labyrinth
  9. Stop & Go
  10. In Gamelan Style


  • title: For the Younger Flutist
  • subtitle: 10 enjoyable contemporary pieces for flute solo as well as flute ensemble (includes explanations and a teacher's note)
  • composer: Wil Offermans
  • publisher: Zimmermann, Germany
  • number: ZM30880
  • year: 1995
  • instruments: 1 and more flutes
  • duration: total duration all works: about 60 minutes
  • language: all text in English and German
  • score: 36 pages
  • notes: also published by Zen-on, Tokyo (ISBN 4-11-548322-9) in a 32 pages Japanese edition.


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