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Satsuma-Biwa (CD)


Satsuma-Biwa - CD

  • Satsuma-Biwa (CD)
  • Satsuma-Biwa (CD)
  • Satsuma-Biwa (CD)
A solo CD by Junko Ueda performing Japanese traditional music and a modern composition by Tôru Takemitsu, for the Satsuma-Biwa and voice.

  1. Dan-no-Ura (Japanese traditional)
  2. Yoshitsune (Japanese traditional)
  3. Voyage (Tôru Takemitsu)


  • title: Satsuma-Biwa
  • category: solo CD Junko Ueda
  • performer: Junko Ueda - voice; satsuma-biwa
  • composer: Kinshi Tsuruta (#1, 2); Tôru Takemitsu (#3)
  • publisher: Ethnomad and Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie, Geneva
  • producer: Laurent Aubert
  • number: ARN64577
  • year: 2002
  • total time: 64 minutes
  • booklet: 16 pages text in English and French
  • notes: - lyrics: Genzô Murakami (#1); Yôko Mizuki (#2)- Choc 2002 Award by the leading French music magazine Le Monde de la Musique website.


  1. Dan-no-Ura (excerpt #1)
  2. Dan-no-Ura (excerpt #2)
  3. Yoshitsune
  4. Voyage

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