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Luna y Sierra (CD)


Luna y Sierra - CD

  • Luna y Sierra (CD)
  • Luna y Sierra (CD)
  • Luna y Sierra (CD)
Solo CD by Wil Offermans performing compositions by Wil Offermans for flute solo and flute ensemble.

  1. Luna y Sierra*
  2. Forbidden Valley
  3. Tsuru-no-Sugomori*
  4. Aire - Thumpy
  5. Bamburia*
  6. Dance with Me*
  7. Cueva del Agua
  8. Aire - Cencerros
* = compositions published by Zimmerman, Germany

"The new CD Luna y Sierra arrives after a 10-year residence in Granada, in the heart of Andalusia in southern Spain. Its lively heritage of Moorish history, the world-famous Alhambra, the people and their love and joy for local cuisine, the flamenco, the poems of Federico Garcia Lorca, the sheep and goats strolling the mountainsides, the dynamic climate and nature of the Sierra Nevada… a scenery of pure mystery.
While the world tends to drift towards a cultural globalization, it is truly fascinating to enjoy culture so near its roots. Evidently,
Luna y Sierra is born from a local experience, though with a universal echo."


title: Luna y Sierra
subtitle: Wil Offermans: flutes & composition - 10 years in Granada
category: solo CD by Wil Offermans
performer: Wil Offermans (flute; bass-flute; bass-flute in F; contrabass-flute; contrabass-flute in F; double-contrabass-flute; synthesizers); in #4: Banda Municipal de Música de Huétor Santillán (Thumpy flutes)
composer: Wil Offermans
publisher: E-records, Granada
number: CD E-131
year: 2013
total time: 51 minutes
booklet: 4 pages digipack
- Recorded in Spain and Japan between 2005 and 2012 at: (#1,5,6,8) at Studio E, Huétor Santillán, Granada; (#2) Kotato Flute Atelier, Saitama, Japan; (#3,4) Iglesia de la encarnación, Huétor Santillán, Granada; (#7) Cueva del Agua (a cave in the Sierra de Huétor)
- All mastering at Studio E, Huétor Santillán, Granada.
- The following scores are published by Zimmermann, Frankfurt (click title to see the score): (#1) Luna y Sierra (ZM35890); (#3) Tsuru-no-Sugomori (ZM33720); (#5) Bamburia (ZM36030); (#6) Dance with Me (ZM35950)


  1. Luna y Sierra
  2. Forbidden Valley
  3. Tsuru-no-Sugomori
  4. Aire - Thumpy
  5. Bamburia
  6. Dance with Me
  7. Cueva del Agua
  8. Aire - Cencerros

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