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Kujô-Shakujô (CD)


Kujô-Shakujô - CD

  • Kujô-Shakujô (CD)
  • Kujô-Shakujô (CD)
On the new solo CD Kujô-Shakujô Junko Ueda sings a repertoire from the 9th century Japanese traditional Tendai Buddhist Shomyo. Kujô-Shakujô is a rare recording where you can listen to the complete nine parts of the piece. Also, this CD includes the sutra text and its complete translations in English and Japanese. This CD is a most unique documentation of this tradition, which is succeeded until today without interruption.

  1. Part 1: Byôdôsee-jô
  2. Part 2: Shinhotsugan-jô
  3. Part 3: Rikudôchishiki-jô
  4. Part 4: Santeishûjû-jô
  5. Part 5: Rokudôkeshô-jô
  6. Part 6: Shaakujizen-jô
  7. Part 7: Jaruionri-jô
  8. Part 8: Sandôshômetsu-jô
  9. Part 9: Ekôhotsugan-jô

"Ancient tradition says that the Kujô-Shakujô sutra has miraculous powers. We pray that evil spirits will be driven away, that the earth will be purified and that the world will be the place of peace for all living things."


title: Kujô-Shakujô
subtitle: voice of Shômyô (Japanese Tendai Buddhism)
category: solo CD by Junko Ueda
performer: Junko Ueda - voice
composer: Japanese traditional music
publisher: E-records, Granada
number: CD-E231
year: 2023
total time: 65 minutes
text: includes the complete translation of the sutra in English and Japanese
notes: For more information visit the website of Junko Ueda


  1. Byôdôsee-jô
  2. Shinhotsugan-jô
  3. Rikudôchishiki-jô
  4. Santeishûjû-jô
  5. Rokudôkeshô-jô
  6. Shaakujizen-jô
  7. Jaruionri-jô
  8. Sandôshômetsu-jô
  9. Ekôhotsugan-jô

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