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Japon: L'épopé des Heike

  • Japon: L\'épopé des Heike
A solo CD by Junko Ueda with Japanese traditional biwa music performing the famous epic stories of the Heike-Monogatari. Awarded with the Grand Prix du Disque Academie Charles Cros (Paris); Choch Award (Le Monde de la Musique); Compact Reference (Disque Laser).

  1. Atsumori
  2. Nasu-no-Yoichi
  3. Ohara-Gokô


  • title: Japon: L'épopé des Heike (Japan: the Story of the Heike clan)
  • category: solo CD Junko Ueda
  • performer: Junko Ueda - voice; satsuma-biwa
  • composer: Kinshi Tsuruta
  • publisher: Disque VDE-Gallo, Lausanne (collection directed by Laurent Aubert / Archives Internationales de Musique Populaire, Musée de'ethnographie, Geneva)
  • number: CD650
  • year: 1990
  • total time: 63 minutes
  • booklet: 32 pages text in English, French and Japanese
  • notes:
    - with accompanying notes by Toshirô Kido; Junko Ueda and Wil Offermans
    - recordings made in 1990 at Hiei-zan, Enryaku-ji Hôshû-in temple, Kyoto, Japan (#1); at the Sakura Concert Hall, Sakura-city, Chiba, Japan (#2) and at the Shaffy Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland (#3).


  1. Atsumori
  2. Nasu-no-Yoichi
  3. Ohara-Goko

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Japon: L'épopé des Heike - CD


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